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abstraction, acousmatic music, acoustics, alternative, ambient, art, audio, audio art, audio sculpture, avant garde, avant-garde, background noise, breakcore, chillout, classik, click`n`cuts, clicks, computer music, conceptual art, connection, contemporary art, copyleft, cyberculture, cyberpunk, dada, dark ambient, darkness, death metal, deathcore, digital art, digital hardcore, digital music, distorsion, distortion, downtempo, drone ambient, drugs&rock`n`roll, dub, early electronic music, easy listening, electricity, electro-acoustics, electroacoustic, electroclash, electronic, electronic art, electronic music, electronica, experimental, experimental music, fan noise, field recordings, free jazz, freeaudio, glitch, grindcore, hiss, idm, illbient, improv, improvisation, indie, industrial, internet, intoxik, japan music, japanoise, jazz, lo-fi, media arts, merz, metal, metalcore, micromusic, microphones, microscopic music, microscopic sound, minimal, music, net-labels, netart, netaudio, netlabel, netlabel design, netlabels, netradio, networks, noise, noize, nu-jazz, open source, organic ambient, performance, philosofy, photo, photography, plainaudio, post-digital, post-idm, post-modernism, psychedelic, record labels, releases, sci-fi, sex, silence, sound art, sound design, sound enviroments, sound experiments, sound objects, sound sculpture, soundscapes, subcultures, surrealism, synth pop, synth-pop, tape collage, the art of noise, underground, video art, videoart, white noise

Social capital

  • less than 10